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How to Reward Staff Without Eating up All of Your Budget

It can be disheartening to peer over at other companies, admiring all the amazing perks that their team are rewarded with. How to reward staff for their efforts? Well, if you have money to spend, you can do whatever you want.

  • Facebook offer their interns free housing.
  • Reebok employees get free CrossFit classes.
  • Netflix has been known to pay one-year maternity/paternity leave.

Those are all incredible perks which are sure to make their staff feel like valued members of the team. However, you don’t need to be a multimillion-dollar behemoth in order to please your staff with great rewards.

How to reward staff without breaking the bank:

1. Gym memberships

It seems the world is on a fitness kick, with more gym chains popping up across the world. Many of these gyms are open 24/7 and offer surprisingly low monthly prices.

Staff will be happy for you to take one of their direct debits off of their hands, and regular exercise will only improve their health and wellbeing.

2. Buy books based on your staff's personal interest

This might be the cheapest option in this entire list (depending on how many staff you hire) but buying a book on a subject that they’re interested in will make that personal touch.

3. Organise team outings

Getting everyone out of the office to enjoy some different scenery should be a monthly activity. Even if you already enjoy a great team dynamic, spending some time together outside of the office will only make it stronger.

Bowling, karaoke nights, comedy clubs, or just enjoying a nice meal out are all ways to have some fun and bring everyone closer together.

4. Remote working days

Remote working is a welcome change for employees that may feel a little bored of working in the same spot each day. Give staff a day a week/biweekly to work from home or work at a coworking space for them to enjoy some new scenery while getting the chance to meet new people.

5. Free clothing

Everyone loves a freebie. Get some company t-shirts or hoodies printed and leave them in the office for staff to take home. We guarantee everyone will find a use for them, whether it be wearing them at work or when they go out for a run in their own time.

6. Gift cards

Calling staff into your office, just to thank them for their hard work on a particular project will have a big impact. Follow up with a gift card for them to treat themselves to lunch the next day.

7. Birthday cakes

Treat every member of staff to a birthday cake on their Birthday or the nearest possible day to it. If there is more than one Birthday that week, group all the week’s birthdays into the one day where all of the cakes are served at once.

Do you have to gather the entire team round to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to them too? Absolutely.

8. Team sports day

Get everyone outdoors to play some sports – rounders always seems to be a popular choice. Bring some snacks with you and make a full afternoon out of it.

Companies asking themselves ‘how to reward staff?’ needn’t always look to spend big – this is a cheap day out and it’s bound to be enjoyed by all.

9. Flexible hours

Giving staff the option to make their working hours work for them gives them much more control over their work-life balance. As long as your staff inform you, or update their hours on the weekly calendar in advance, it should be fairly easy to manage.

10. Late starts on Monday

Few enjoy the Monday morning commute. After two days of doing whatever you want to do, the hectic early morning commute isn’t the most pleasant experience. So let staff come in to work an hour later so they can avoid the rush and settle back into work for the week the right way.