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Hire the best people faster

Get instant results on your background checks and provide candidates with an industry leading user experience and journey 

Increase your productivity

Give yourself the competitive edge and scalability needed to find the right people for the job, using the highest quality checks

Provide a consistent experience

Use best practice and repeatable workflows, combined with the most dynamic technology to create efficient on-boarding experiences

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Easy to use Candidate Portal

PASS puts candidate experience at the heart of every interaction. We know how important it is for your business to on-board new employees or screen existing employees with ease and efficiency. 

A smooth, effective and timely background checking approach is critical as part of your overall new employee onboarding process. Businesses who use PASS can guarantee a reliable and consistent candidate experience and quickly evidence how improving background checking provides a quick and noticeable ROI. 

  • Simple Document Upload
  • Easy To Use Database Checks
  • Full Audit Trail

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SaaS and Mobile First

Modern work happens on the move and requires the highest levels of flexibility. Removing traditional on-premise software with easy to manage SaaS and cloud based solutions can immediately bring down running costs and improve usability.

Candidates and employees alike are increasingly working from mobile devices. The PASS SaaS solution is designed with a mobile first mindset, meaning that wherever you are and whatever device you’re using, everyone gets the very best PASS experience. 

  • Customisable Workflow
  • Customisable Interface
  • Support Helpdesk

About PASS

PASS is an international team of background checking technology experts. We are constantly working to disrupt the industry and provide innovative solutions in order to make background checking quicker, easier and more effective. Organisations choose…

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